Modo 302

Modo 302!! I just finished downloading Luxology’s newest version of Modo – version 302 – and I’m excited to crack it open and get to it!! The funny thing is, I haven’t had much of a chance to even study version 301 yet!!! This time however I took the time to download their accompanying “video training” material too (well over 1 Gb worth!!) I’d really like to come to grips with Modo because the results I’ve seen others accomplish with it are quite impressive!

There seems to be a lot going on lately – I upgraded Zbrush to version 3.1 a few weeks ago, and I actually started on a new tutorial on how to use ZBrush, Poser, and Tool Collection for Poser (a nominally priced 3rd party set of applications) to create injection morphs for Poser figures!

Then, two weekends ago while trying to do my weekly hard drive backup. Acronis (the backup software that I use) would get about 60% done, and then totally lock up my computer!! I was all of last week sorting that mess out. I believe it was a combination of a couple corrupted files and a bit of disk fragmentation that caused it – but I’m not certain. All I know is that I deleted the corrupted files (two jpegs), defragmented the hard drive, uninstalled Acronis – rebooted – then reinstalled it again, and it began working again, but there was a lot of trial and error during this process!

Anyway, hopefully I can finish my tutorial soon, and then get busy with Modo!! :o)

Clothing modeling and texturing using ZBrush

Below is a link to my latest work in progress. . . I’m trying to learn how to model clothing in ZBrush. I’ve started out with a “zero posed” DAZ figure inside ZBrush, and then creating the clothing on top of the model. It’s a fairly time consuming affair but I think it’s working out quite well. At the very least I’m beginning to get the hang of ZBrush now!!

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Vue vs. Carrara

For what ever reason, I think I’ve become addicted to 3D software! Over the course of a few years I’ve collected various applications: Bryce, Poser, Amapi, Hexagon, Modo, Carrara, Truespace, Shade, and a few others I’m sure I’m forgetting.  The latest addition to my “collection” is Vue 6 Infinite (with Vue 7 Infinite in route via UPS!!!).   (

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Modo Videos. . .

Well, I managed to get Modo 302 installed and running last night. I then “fired up” the training videos and re-discovered something that I had forgotten, which is;  I really don’t like trying to learn something from videos, especially those videos that I have to play on my computer.

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