Post Processing Portraits

“A portrait that is post processed properly, won’t look like it’s been post processed at all.”  

Ok, I confess, that’s my own quote. But I think it’s a great philosophy to follow regarding post processing photos – portraits in particular.

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After The Session Is Over…

One of the things that most “non photographer” people don’t understand, is just how much work that still needs to be done AFTER the session is over.  Mainly this extra work falls into one category – post processing.  Post processing can be the difference between a ho-hum snapshot and a breathtaking photograph, and depending on what needs to be done, it can take anywhere from just a few minutes to over an hour – for ONE photo. Thankfully there are a few tools available that make this job as easy as possible.  Two of my favorites are Adobe® Photoshop, and Adobe® Lightroom.

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