Where does the time go?

Like I do almost every evening in the summer, I now find myself sitting in the yard under the shade tree, taking in the evening joys of summer… I love watching the kittens play and grow, and listening to the birds sing…

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Smoky Skies

For the past few days, the sun shine hasn’t been quite as bright as it normally shines. The sky has been covered with a milky haze, and it’s not because of thin cloud cover, it’s because of smoke from the wild fires that are burning on the west coast.

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Lost Perspective. . .

I’m not really sure where everything went wrong, or what changed, but over the past few weeks and months, I’ve slowly come to the conclusion that somewhere along the way – photography stopped being fun, and it became a job.

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Blogging from my phone!

This is the first time I’ve actually tried blogging from my phone! So basically, this is just a test!

I’m using the WordPress app for Android, and it seems to work pretty good!

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If I had a million dollars…

If I had a million dollars, what would I do? Well the first thing I would do is give up photography as a business and go back to photography as a hobby. The simple truth of the matter is – there’s no money in it. Someone once said, “If you seriously want to make money in photography, you need to sell your gear.” It’s a funny statement – because it is true!
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If no one is around to witness something happen, did it happen?

Like most people I think, when I turn in for the night, no matter how tired I am, I never fall immediately to sleep.  Instead, my mind wanders around to various thoughts and things – often times about things going on in my life, sometimes silly stuff, and also quite often – things that are mystic and philosophical (I think that’s the right word?).

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For the love of the game…

I’ve been a professional photographer for the past 14 years, and during that period of time I’ve had the opportunity to photograph a multitude of various genres including weddings, senior portraits, hundreds of nature type photos like sunsets, sunrises, birds, bugs, flowers, trees, lakes, and streams.  But by far the vast majority of the photos I take, and continue to take, have been those of horse show events – 10’s of thousands of photos each year!
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A WWII Soldier’s View of the India-Burma-China Theatre

Yesterday being the anniversary of D-Day, the day when the allied forces landed on the beaches of Normandy during WWII, it prompted me to dig out some old photos that my Mother had from when her Brother, my Uncle, was in the war. He was stationed in the Burma-India-China theatre.  He drove supply trucks on the “Burma Road” and the “Stilwell Road (Ledo Road)” up into China, and apparently, he also took a lot of photos.  Perhaps this is where I inherited my love of photography from?!?

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For the most part, I think people are actually pretty good at recognizing the truth when they see it. Whether it’s words that are spoken, or words that are not. Subtle hints that are dropped, or actions and reactions… I think most of us can see through the smoke and can recognize the truth as things happen to us…. Unfortunately however, I also think that for the most part, people have a horrendous time accepting the truth – especially if it’s something they don’t want to believe.

What if??

I’m going to pose some “what if” questions to my readers, and I ask that you think about them for a while.  These questions are based around the topic of:  What would happen if we no longer based our lives on economic wealth? [Read more…]